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Starting in December 2012, NLC added a Support Kids element to our NEXT Cares policy. We are donating 5 percent of all sales (not profit) to Children's causes across America. Many charities are included such as; St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, The Children's National Medical Center (here in Washington D.C.) and the Toys for Tots program. We even stretched out our arms to financially embrace; One Fund Boston and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. More giving to follow in 2016 and beyond. If you have any suggestions for Kids causes near and dear to your heart... please let us know!

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Our NEXT Cares Tree planting Planet Friendly program has made an impact. We are planting one tree for every one thousand names mailed. For this project we partnered with the “National Forest Foundation”. For more information visit new-window. Check back with us to see how this green effort is growing!

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At NEXT List Company sustainability is woven into our business model. First, we lease space at a certified “Gold” Level LEED building. Our site was also awarded the Energy Star label in 2016 for its operating efficiency.

Our People through our policies are encouraged to “Think and Act Green”. The NLC Team has full remote access that encourages teleworking. Other Green efforts include; a robust 100 percent recycle goal. Our Employee benefit package helps improve air quality by offering flex-time and encouraging the use of transit, ride-sharing and biking to work.