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At NEXT List Company, our ability to access the newest political and charitable donors, simply means you and your clients will see a return on investment. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your valued clients will be one hundred percent satisfied.

Sim·ple (adjective)
easily understood or done;
presenting no difficulty

Whether you're mailing a 5,000 test or rolling out a full list, our commitment to supply the hottest high dollar donors in the industry is unsurpassed.

We don't have a “canned” approach to list fulfillment. Running simple queries and selections, like many of our competitors, is not our business model.

Our team sit down and analyze each order and sample provided. We focus on optimum selection criteria and the timing of mailer and mail dates. At a minimum, we schedule in a two-week buffer, on each side of your selected mail date.

We process each order individually. “Run sheets” are created. Our data management team has fulfilled thousands of orders. It's simple really, each order is important to our organization because we know each mailing is important to your clients.

Every list is updated monthly, and with more than 25 years of experience in data management and list fulfillment, you can expect to get the best possible results.


At NEXT List, we strongly believe that it is a balance of the two disciplines. We have “people” systems and methodologies in place, so you can feel confident about approaching your clients with our donor lists. That's the experience or “ART” side.

Clear (adjective)
easy to perceive, understand, or interpret

Now for the “SCIENCE” part of the expression. With our newly developed, tested and implemented in-house “NameTrak” system. We use state of the art Geographic Information Systems to geocode and adhere attribute data to “Follow” each donor file or name through the initial donation, procurement, and lease cycle. This system proves that NEXT List Company is not interested in the “industry standard” approach to list fulfillment. We are dedicated to industry leading technologies.

Talk to your mailers, request a mail date, and let us prove to you that the text here is backed up by the freshest names in the industry paired with excellent customer service.

We want to be your next list company, and we are willing to work hard to earn your business!